Guides to SMS Marketing

Resources for setting up, running, and building effective 

marketing campaigns using SMS marketing through SMS Provider

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SMS eBook

Forward SMS Provider data to other platforms. 

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SMS University

Understand how users behave in the real world. 

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Immediate Conversion Uplift

Reaching people is as simple as sending a text. Use our web or mobile apps to easily manage thousands of conversations.

Build relationships at scale

Be as precise and personal as you want to be. Custom scripts, segmentation, and targeting help you scale your engagement efforts.

Drive real action

Set goals, track your progress, and measure the impact of your texting campaigns. Learn more about your audience along the way.

Case Studies

Guess Jeans

Problem: How to recover an abandoned Cart?

Solution: Customers adds an item to cart > wait for 30 minutes > Send SMS Cart Recovery Message

Results:  60% Conversion Rate Uplift

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